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Naam: Kinda Timea AndreaTimea Kinda

Leeftijd: 37

Funktie in Tinkerbell:verzorgsterr

1. What are your tasks within Tinkerbell?
    Teaching, supervising kids, everything

2. What was your job before you got into Tinkerbell?
     I was Kindergarten and primary school teacher.

3. What do you like about working with children?
     Teaching, chatting, playing, having fun with them

4. What change would you like to make to Tinkerbell that you don't have a budget for right now?
    I would transform the playroom.

5. How would you like the kids to look back on their time in Tinkerbell when they turn 30?
    I would like them to say that living here was good, that they have nice memories.

6. Suppose you win 300,000 Lei in a lottery. You can spend it on yourself. What are you going to do with it? 
    I would finish the works we begun on our house, i would travel to my favorite town.

7. What's the best compliment you've ever received? 
    I have a huge heart!

8.  Who do you admire/who would you like to be more like and why? 
     I would like to be like my Mother.

9. What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud? 
    The talk I had with Delia.

10. Suppose you can throw a big party and book four artists. Which artists do you choose and what does the party look like? 
     Al Bano and Romina Power, CC Catch en dan een echt discofeest!

Best regards,