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The SRKH, a Dutch organisation located in IJsselstein, has taken the fate of the Rumanian people to heart just after the fall of Ceaucescu in 1990. By means of various activities the organization tries to support the people and the children of Sovata in particular.
This is done through various projects such as:

  • A family children’s home:
    the care for 18 underprivileged children living in our family children’s home
  • A three-week summer holiday for underprivileged children:
  • More than 1000 children stayed with Dutch families in the past 25 years;
  • Transportations of aid supplies at Christmastime
    started with 70 packages in 1992 to  approx 1700 packages in 2016 and food coupons at the value of more than € 40.000.- annually
  • Support of local initiatives and projects:

A selection from our projects:

  • Purchase and maintenance of an ambulance
  • Maintenance/reconstruction of schools and children’s day care centres
  • Construction of a central heating system in a primary school
  • Construction of a gym, shower and changing room in a primary school
  • Reconstruction of a medical treatment and community centre
  • Holiday camps for poor children
  • A children's day care centre with a full day program
  • Support of elderly people

We are sorry to inform you that our site is not available in English. To give you an idea about our activities in Sovata we invite you to read a summary of our involvement which you will find behind ths link
Look at the pictures we made during the last view years.

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